Measure No. 1

Up-to-date unchangeable data backup/write-protected backup

Detailed checklist, divided into organisational and technical points.

  • Define the person responsible for implementation
  • Define the person responsible for review
  • Determine who is allowed to access the data
  • Ensure external storage of the backup
  • Define the retention period of the backup data (observe legal regulations)
  • Make sure that no third parties have access to your data
  • Regular data recovery (test twice a year)
  • Automated & read-only backup process
  • Backup must be encrypted
  • Disconnect the backup medium from the network and store it offline
  • Rely on specialised companies with many years of experience
  • Check which software programs can be used to recover your data

Why do all of this?

Backup is the most important thing for your viability. It is important to know that your backup works 100% and that the correct data is saved with sufficient history. Encryption of the data is essential, because you do not want your backups to be seen by third parties, for example, in the event of theft. Backup copies that can be accessed quickly and completely in the event of data loss must be created for all business data. Protection is only guaranteed if a backup is decoupled from the company network and physically stored in an external location. So, if you regularly store your data on an external storage medium and then store this in a location other than the office, you are already doing a lot right.

Who will support me in my region?