Measure No. 2

Comprehensive and up-to-date protection against malware

Detailed checklist, divided into organisational and technical points.

  • Responsible person who ensures that the virus protection is up to date
  • In the email program, define which potentially dangerous data will be blocked
  • Raising awareness and training employees
  • Training in handling:
  • Comprehensive, across-the-board and up-to-date malware protection for:
    1. Terminals
      Removable media (USB sticks, external hard drives)
      Cloud services
      Email services
  • Restrict execution of macros
  • Install an Internet filter
  • Install a spam filter
  • Perform a full system scan on a regular basis

Why do all of this?

This is your first line of defence, like having a secure front door. Using security software is one of the most important requirements for a high level of protection for the company network and company data. However, this is still not enough. The systems have to be checked regularly, any conspicuous events interpreted, and any detected errors processed. This is because, while the automated security tools do recognise many anomalies, threats and attacks, they are not always able to eliminate all threats automatically. Installing virus protection software therefore doesn't mean you can just sit back and worry about nothing. Only by processing warning messages and undertaking active monitoring is a system made secure.

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